Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pros and Cons of Pro Cheerleaders

An opinion piece at onmilwaukee.com analyzes the recent NFL edict prohibiting home teams from having their cheerleaders warm up outside the visiting team's locker room.

The league thinks that watching nubile young women dressed in workout clothes stretching their lithe bodies into all kinds of shapes might distract players from taking their steroids and pain pills and thinking about the game plan.

Most of the players who were contacted after the edict said they never even noticed that the cheerleaders were around. But then you have Jesse Palmer, who played backup quarterback for the NFL for several years, mainly with the Giants. He talked about a game against the Dallas Cowboys.

"We started several drives inside our own 20-yard line, with each drive following a TV timeout," he said. "With my back to the end zone in the huddle, I was frustrated because I couldn't make eye contact with any of my teammates as I was trying to call our plays. They were all staring right at the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders who were performing in the end zone.

"The best line came from our tight end, Visanthe Shiancoe, who interrupted me in the middle of a play call and said, 'Jesse, you really need to turn around and see this.'"

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